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Here are 5 Style tips that can make you appear 10 years younger. (Over 40)

Embrace Color

Tip: First of all change your dresses with higher levels of brightness and colors. It helps to substitute clothes of dark color with those of lighter colors that are close to the skin tone.

Why It Works: The best colors for the skin tone are red; coral and turquoise as they brighten up your skin tone making you appear as if you have energy.

Tailored Fit

Tip: Select the right fitting and figure enhancing apparels that can suit your body shape and size. One should avoid putting on tight or loose dresses because they tend to make one look older than they really are.

Why It Works: Wear custom clothes because it corrects your body structure hence making the wearers to look neater and younger. This gives an indication that you care about your external appearance and you know the type of dress code that is appropriate for you.

Modern Accessories

Tip: Now it is the perfect time to go shopping for new and stylish accessories. Such accessories as elegant necklaces, beautiful scarfs, and trendy handbags can also do the trick.

Why It Works: Fashion trends of the recent times can help transform your dressing sense within a short span and make you look fashionable. Some people think that accessories of this kind give an idea of a fresh and young looking to the outfit.

Flattering Hairstyles

Tip: While choosing a hair style, it is preferable to go for those that compliments the face and directs attention to the principal attraction. Consider some fringes, bangs, or an eye-catching bob, for example.

Why It Works: The right hair style can make one appear younger than their real age by at least ten years. It also gives the hair some volume and movement, making the hair appear healthy and youthful than before.

Skincare and Makeup

Tip: Take care of your skin and employ cosmetics to enhance the strengths of your face and deemphasise the weaknesses. This includes products required for giving your skin that glowing complexion by moisturizing it.


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