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Learn How to Dress like a Fashionista and Go to the Next Level of Grace and Charm

Oh, well, rich women always look exquisite, chic and elegant; ‘dressing like a rich woman’ means dressing in tasteful and self-assured manner. Below is how one can achieve the expensive look without having to spend so much money.

Go for Quality Basics

Begin with primary parts of the garments which remain the core of your dressing. It is also the place of well go-tos like blazers, white shirts and pants that FIT. Several of these pieces are meant to be worn with other layers, and so they should each be versatile and should be intended to be worn with all sorts of other garments.

Blazers: Select classic colors like black, navy blue or light brown to be on the safe side. Try to buy furniture that is mostly linear and has very little carving or other embellishments.

Shirts: This is the reason why a well ironed white shirt is a must have. Make sure it is long enough to cover the shoulders well and has a nice form.

Trousers: Comfortable and sleaveless, it belonging to the formal wears with neutral hued, fitted trousers pulled on high on the waist.

Choose Timeless Pieces

It should have introduced elements that are unfashionable but are always timeless. This is in light of the likes of LBD, trench, and the tailored skirt among others. These are classy and can be worn for various occasions.

Little Black Dress: Choose a dress that will flatter your figure and can easily transition from the daytime to an evening occasion.

Trench Coat: For a touch of elegance, the traditional trench coat in beige or black will never look out of place.

Tailored Skirts: Knee-length pencil or A-line skirts preferably in neutral colors when worn with blouses or T-shirts can still be fashionable.

Accessorize Wisely

As it is known, accessories have the tendency to either augment or diminish the look of an outfit.

Scarves and Sunglasses: A piece of silk scarf and a designer sunglass can add magical look to your personality.


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