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Sunset to Starlight: It was a Night of High Fashion on the Croisette

The Croisette, a famous boulevard in Cannes, recently transformed into a spectacular fashion show and a spectacle that connected Hollywood stars and the trends in it. This event attracted many celebrities, including Greta Gerwig, Demi Moore, and Selena Gomez among others.

Star-Studded Attendance

Greta Gerwig: The popular movie director and actress who hitched up the show showed the glamorous part of Hollywood now and of the future. With her being an average fashion conscious woman, Gerwig has always dressed fashionably but very comfortably and everyone was waiting for her arrival to produce great moments to those fashion photographers.

Demi Moore: Being from the entertainment industry, Demi Moore provided the audience with the perception of the new and modern definition of the world’s elegance and eternity. This girl and this outfit were the examples of how the grace and the shake can be combined into one performance on the catwalk.

Selena Gomez: She was striking beauty at the event wearing the outfit that fitted her personality and was in line with the modern fashion trends. Therefore, the audience usually gets motivated by Gomez and this outfit at this particular event.

The Venue: La Croisette

Located on the Mediterranean seaboard, La Croisette gave an enchanting sea view on the fashion show. To say the least, the fact that the event was taken outdoor made the beauty and nature of Cannes to be the perfect backdrop in enhancing the natural feel of the event with glamour.

Fashion Highlights

The idea of the show was nice, catwalk was full of beautiful clothes of famous fashion houses and they demonstrated the souvenir of real haute couture and the ready to wear collections.

Innovative Silhouettes: The very variety of the dresses – from the magnificent evening gowns to the more business-like trousers – explained the pleasure and the cleverness of the modern style.


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